The test of Creativity

The test of Creativity

the test of creativity

When you are creative, you have to overcome a bunch of different fears.

Firstly, you need to overcome the misconception that you are not creative. Then you have to subdue the “what if I fail” fear, then you have to overcome the frustration of not always understanding the creative process and therefore feeling stuck because things don’t work out smoothly and quickly.

But there is yet one last test that every creative being will face. Failing this test does not mean that you are not creative; failing this test will often lead to limbo, a holding pattern in your creative journey.

This test is the test of rejection.

You have created something, but somehow it didn’t go the way you wanted to go. Even though what you created is fantastic, somehow it didn’t get airtime, didn’t get the endorsement you hoped, it didn’t get published. Now you find yourself with an incredible manuscript, the best literary piece since Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”, and no one wants to publish it. That rejection might cause you to give up, that rejection might lead you to say: I’ve tried three times, I’ve failed, it’s not for me. That rejection is what causes most people to put their creativity back in the drawer.

Let me just be blunt and say this: if you want to be creative, if you want to walk a creative journey, you will undoubtedly face the giant of rejection, the mountain of dismissal – it’s mathematical, it’s unavoidable. 

Do I have any advice for you? Do I have any wise words for you? Not really. The only reason why I’m writing this warning, is so that when that time comes, when any of your projects is rejected or fails, remember that it is a test.

What you should do instead of retreating, instead of receding, instead of withholding, is to take a stand, confident in your creative being, and try again.

I told the story of the settler in Israel, who said: “if or when our house is destroyed, we will build two new ones”. That is the attitude, like Edison’s thousand attempts to get the light bulb working, like Schulz’s (Charlie Brown’s creator) countless submissions for his cartoon to be published. History is filled with a litany of failures that succeeded only because they didn’t give up.

I do have a word of advice: If you don’t give up, you win. When rejection comes, just do it again.

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